In Person Individual Therapy in Rochester New York for adults struggling with difficult life changes, unmanaged anxiety, and daily stress.

You’re working so hard every day to manage everything for everyone. Why not have someone working hard for you too? Therapy can offer the support you deserve.

 Ready to show up for yourself the way you’ve been showing up for everyone else?…

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No one is free from the spectrum of difficult human emotions a hundred percent of the time. We all will struggle with sadness, anxiety, confusion, and shame at times just as we all know what it’s like to experience joy, happiness, contentment, and excitement…guess we’re all human?

You need a safe and supportive place to start to examine in a more meaningful way, the behaviors you use to cope with those tough emotions as they are not always as healthy and helpful as you might like and are probably things you know you need to let go of…but how?

I’m here to help you expand emotional intelligence, explore these coping patterns and ways of relating to others and yourself, and make changes for a more consistent sense of balance and contentment.


I provide an easily accessible office space that is relaxing, comfortable, and inviting so you can come in, sit down, and get started on feeling better.

If you’re ready to learn more, call or text (585) 622-4054 or contact me using the form below today! 

Ignatowski Therapy