Stressed out, anxious, and over it all?

Choose therapy in-person in Rochester or online in New York State.

You need some space and time for yourself to heal, to not accept what is or go back to what was, to move through this into a better future for yourself and your family.

Overwhelm, sleeplessness, and discontent don’t have to define this time in your life…


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Is it Sunday night and the threat of another week you have to make it through looms over your head?

Was your weekend not as restorative as you keep telling yourself it will be? 

Are you exhausted and know that something needs to change but not sure what?

Perhaps you are contemplating a change in:

  • Career
  • Relationship
  • Lifestyle
  • …Something else?

Maybe you are just uncertain what is feeling off in your life and want to explore ways to increase contentment. Our roles and responsibilities can be overwhelming, relationships challenging, and life transitions uncomfortable. 

Therapy is a great place to start in addressing the cognitive dissonance that happens when what we want and value don’t aligned with our daily actions. 

You can learn to be more vocal , purposeful, and confident about your path.

You can gain a greater feeling of balance, harmony, and contentment back to your life. 

Whether you want to address your stress, depression, anxiety, big life changes, professional goals and burnout, or something else…you don’t need to keep doing it alone. 

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Colleen Ignatowski